Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will my application be used for other positions or kept on file for future vacancies?
Credentials are kept on file for two years and can be used for future vacancies, however, applicants are strongly encouraged to apply (re-apply) for the specific position of interest.

2. Can I submit my resume without applying for a specific position?
Applicants are encouraged to apply for listed vacancies.

3. Will I be notified when I submit my resume?
With some positions there is an email acknowledgement sent. However with most jobs the email acknowledgement is not used. Like many agencies (public & private) the large volume of resume's received does not allow us to contact everyone who applies for a job. DBHDD job announcements will provide the job seeker with an email address and email subject line content. As a large public entity, we are targeted by SPAM and/or malicious emails, thus it's very important that the job seeker follow email instructions listed in the job announcement.

4. What is the process once you receive my resume?
Within one (1) week of the closing date all resumes are reviewed for the best qualified applicants for that particular vacancy. The best qualified applicants are then screened for interview consideration. Shortly after screening this group of candidates, the hiring manager will contact individuals and schedule interview dates. Job seekers should check our employment page regularly and apply immediately for any vacancy of interest.

5. What do you look for in a resume?
Generally speaking we are comparing the skill sets/responsibilities listed in the job announcement with the skill sets listed in the resume. Unfortunately many job seekers use the same, general resume to apply for multiple job titles. Rather than tailor their background, experience, and/or education for a specific position, many focus on the job title and not the job description/qualifications.