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Transportation Supervisor

Job Description

The Georgia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities (DBHDD) is currently seeking candidates for the position of Transportation Driver/Mail Carrier at Georgia Regional Hospital - Atlanta, located in Decatur, GA.


Job Description:

Transports passengers and/or mail and materials in an assigned geographical area traveling by foot, bicycle, motorcycle, automobile, van or public conveyance. Transmits, receives, and relays radio communication among remote office base stations and mobile units.


Job Responsibilities & Performance Standards:


·         Assists in loading and unloading passengers, packages, goods and materials

·         Checks with home offices after completed deliveries, in order to confirm deliveries and collections and to receive instructions for other deliveries

·         Delivers messages and items, such as newspapers, documents, and packages, between establishment departments, and to other establishments and private homes

·         Inspects vehicles for proper operating condition Checks fluid levels, tire pressure, and lights

·         Obtains signatures and payments, or arranges for recipients to make payments

·         Performs routine vehicle maintenance

·         Provides transportation to program participants; assists clients on and off vehicles by traveling the most efficient routes

·         Receives messages or materials to be delivered, and information on recipients, such as names, addresses, telephone numbers, and delivery instructions, communicated via telephone, two-way radio, or in person

·         Records information, such as items received and delivered and recipients' responses to messages, disruptions by passengers and billing/utilization data

·         Transports passengers to hospitals, clinics, social functions, and/or other activities according to established guidelines and time frames

·         Unloads and sorts items collected/delivered along delivery routes

·         Walks, rides bicycles, drives vehicles, or uses public conveyances in order to reach destinations to deliver participants, messages, or materials.



Sample Technical Competencies:


1.    Ability to operate vehicles carefully and competently, following all traffic laws.

2.    Ability to assist passengers on and off of vehicle and help them with safety restraints.

3.    Ability to operate two-way radio and/or cellular telephone

4.    Ability to recognize defects in the equipment that impact safety. Ability to perform pre-trip vehicle safety inspection.

5.  Ability to perform pre-trip vehicle safety inspection



Driver's license

Preferred Qualifications

Employee must be 21 years of age, with a clean DMV report.  Preferable employees with CDL. Previous supervisory experience.


In addition to a competitive salary (), we offer a generous benefits package that includes a flexible schedule, training opportunities, employee retirement plan, deferred compensation, 12 paid holidays, vacation and sick leave, dental, vision, long term care, and life insurance.

This position is a pay grade 12 on the statewide salary plan.

Employment Information

This position is located at Georgia Regional Hospital of Atlanta in Atlanta (Decatur), Georgia.

A sprawling metropolis of over four million people today, metro Atlanta has the vibrancy of the world’s great urban centers combined with the Southern charm of small town centers such as Roswell and Decatur. Here you’ll find historic sites from the Civil War through the Civil Rights era, as well as world-class shopping, entertainment, and nightlife.

Come to Georgia's capital city and experience first-hand our historic charm and hospitality.

Applying for this job

ADDITIONAL STEP: To be considered for this position, please also click on the link below and provide the information requested:


Please email your cover letter and resume in Microsoft Word format to: grhajobs@dhr.state.ga.us

To ensure proper routing/handling of your credentials, copy/paste or type the following title in the subject line of your email: Transportation Supervisor If you are currently employed by DBHDD, please include "Internal Employee" in the subject line as well.

You may be subject to a Drug Screen. You may be required to submit fingerprints to check for the existence of Criminal History Record Information through the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. You do have the right to challenge the contents of any Criminal History that is located, should you choose to do so.

The Georgia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities provides services to ensure the health and welfare of Georgians. As an employee of DBHDD, in the event of an identified emergency you may be required, as a term and condition of employment, to assist in meeting the emergency responsibilities of the department.