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Coder (Operation Analyst) - HRIS

Job Description

The Georgia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities (DBHDD) is currently seeking candidates for the position of Coder  (Operation Analyst) at Georgia Regional Hospital - Atlanta, located in Decatur, GA.

Job Description:

Performs data analysis on current operations of a project, program, agency or function. Conducts organizational studies and evaluations, designs systems and procedures, conducts work simplifications and measurement studies, and recommends regulations to assist management in operating more efficiently and effectively.



Job Responsibilities & Performance Standards:



1.    Collects, compiles, and analyzes programmatic and operational data Investigates and documents underlying trends, irregularities and possible causes for changes in data

1. Designs data collection and assessment tools for use in gathering data and analyzing reports.
2. Develops statistical sampling methodology, including the determination of an appropriate sample size.
3. Creates and presents guidelines on conducting statistically sound surveys and provides appropriate technical assistance to staff conducting surveys.
4. Collects and compiles source documents, statistical information, analytical reports, etc. Gathers information from staff or appropriate outside persons.
5. Analyzes collected data and subsequent findings; presents thorough written and/or oral reports to appropriate staff and/or management.
6. Establishes and maintains an orderly and efficient method to retain all source data and copies of completed reports in accordance with federal and state requirements.


2.    Creates and maintains databases of requests or statistical data for future reference

1. Consults with supervisor and appropriate staff to accurately determine needs and priorities for research.
2. Selects appropriate and cost-effective research design(s) for study.
3. Accurately identifies target population for study and selects appropriate sampling techniques.
4. Assists data collection personnel and ensures timely and accurate data collection.
5. Analyzes and interprets results of data collection and makes appropriate recommendations to supervisor in order to address areas of weakness.


3.    Develops and applies time and cost networks to plans and projects

1. Demonstrates a thorough knowledge of department/division/facility operating procedures.
2. Maintains current knowledge of changes in applicable laws and regulations to ensure policies and procedures are in compliance and makes appropriate recommendations to update policies and procedures as necessary.
3. Performs accurate audits of compliance according to established guidelines and procedures.
4. Identifies procedural problems or areas of program weakness. Makes fact-based recommendations for corrective action to ensure a timely solution.
5. Completes accurate written reports that list findings and recommendations and presents results to appropriate staff.
6. Observes operations and procedures to ensure that previously identified problems or areas of weakness are being addressed and resolved.


4.    Evaluates data for quality and completeness

1. Determines the need for technical assistance by evaluating data and analyzing procedures and operations.
2. Provides specialized assistance to staff and others on data entry, data acquisition, derivation of report data, use of data tables, etc.
3. Determines appropriate procedures to derive data in an automated system. Formats and generates automated reports.
4. Prepares well-researched narratives and materials in response to information/data requests in a timely fashion.
5. Selects and determines appropriate data/information to present to staff and other interested parties by means of formal presentations, memoranda, electronic mail, etc.


5.    Performs validation and testing of plan to ensure adequacy

1. Instructs staff on the use of available software upon request or as needed.
2. Identifies and resolves hardware and software problems in a timely manner.
3. Installs or assists in the installation of hardware and software as needed.
4. Identifies hardware and software needs and recommends appropriate action.
5. Assists users in the development of new database applications which do not conflict with the current system.


6.    Prepares reports, and makes recommendations or determinations based on analysis

1. Performs a thorough review of keyed data to ensure its accuracy
2. Develops and implements quality control policies and procedures
3. Notifies staff of recommended changes to the system in a timely manner.
4. Determines if other databases could be included in the system.
5. Develops effective procedures for incorporating new system databases.
6. Provides advice on pertinent issues relating to implementation and revisions to the system.


7.    Responds to routine and special requests for data

1. Conducts accurate assessments to determine training needs of staff.
2. Coordinates training location, ensuring that adequate space and classroom equipment are available.
3. Researches topics thoroughly and selects pertinent materials to be used in training.
4. Develops and prepares lesson plans, training aids and examinations which meet department/division/facility standards.
5. Effectively presents training material and clearly defines desired outcomes.


8.    Maintains a consistent, high quality, customer-focused orientation when conducting business and providing services or products to clients, the general public and other external customers. (Performed by all incumbents)

1. Treats customers with respect, courtesy and tact; listens to customer and interact with customers as a person while maintaining business relationship.
2. Communicates with customers and obtains all required information necessary to determine and address their specific needs; tactfully explains why, if service cannot be provided.
3. Provides clear, accurate information; explains procedures or materials or provides supplemental information; anticipates problems and questions.



Sample Technical Competencies:



Skill in using relevant computer software

Ability to use job-specific tools to review data

Ability to prepare reports tailored to the agencies' needs

Ability to acquire needed data

Ability to combine information from separate databases

Knowledge of departments' operating procedures


Shift:  8:00 AM  -  5:00 PM


Completion of a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university OR One year of experience at the lower level or position equivalent (GSP010) OR Four years of related experience.

Preferred Qualifications

One year experience as a coded, knowledge of HIPPA Confidentiality laws and State Laws, chart analysis and extensive knowledge of ICD-9-CM and CPT-4, excellent communication skills and must be able to follow hospital policies and procedures.  CCs or CCP.



/ hour. This is an hourly position with no benefits associated.

Employment Information

This position is located at Georgia Regional Hospital of Atlanta in Atlanta (Decatur), Georgia.

A sprawling metropolis of over four million people today, metro Atlanta has the vibrancy of the world’s great urban centers combined with the Southern charm of small town centers such as Roswell and Decatur. Here you’ll find historic sites from the Civil War through the Civil Rights era, as well as world-class shopping, entertainment, and nightlife.

Come to Georgia's capital city and experience first-hand our historic charm and hospitality.

Applying for this job

Applying for this position requires two (2) steps. Please be sure to complete both steps in order to be considered.

  1. Click on the long link below, complete the summary information form and submit.
  2. Email your resume and cover letter to the email address listed below.


Please email your cover letter and resume in Microsoft Word format to: GRHAJOBS@dhr.state.ga.us

To ensure proper routing/handling of your credentials, copy/paste or type the following title in the subject line of your email: Coder (Operation Analyst) - HRIS If you are currently employed by DBHDD, please include "Internal Employee" in the subject line as well.

You may be subject to a Drug Screen. You may be required to submit fingerprints to check for the existence of Criminal History Record Information through the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. You do have the right to challenge the contents of any Criminal History that is located, should you choose to do so.

The Georgia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities provides services to ensure the health and welfare of Georgians. As an employee of DBHDD, in the event of an identified emergency you may be required, as a term and condition of employment, to assist in meeting the emergency responsibilities of the department.