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Job Listings: Central State Hospital (Milledgeville)

Central State Hospital(CSH), Georgia’s first public psychiatric hospital, was founded in 1842 to provide a safe and humane environment for Georgians with mental illness and developmental disabilities. Located in Milledgeville, the CSH complex currently encompasses about 1,750 acres.

CSH manages the Payton B. Cook Forensic Hospital in Milledgeville. CSH Forensic Services serves individuals who are referred by the criminal justice system for pre-trial psychiatric evaluation and/or inpatient treatment; those who have been found not guilty by reason of insanity (NGRI) at the time of commission of a crime or mentally incompetent to stand trial (IST); those who are admitted with hold orders from jails for psychiatric evaluation, treatment and stabilization; and those who are referred from Georgia Department of Corrections prisons for inpatient psychiatric treatment. There are no plans to close the Cook Forensic Hospital.

The James B. Craig Nursing Center is located on the campus of Central State Hospital (CSH) in Milledgeville, Georgia. The Craig Center is home to individuals with developmental disabilities and behavioral health issues, and is Georgias only state-run nursing home facility. The Georgia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities (DBHDD) will close the Craig Nursing Center effective December 31, 2013.

Closure of the Craig Center helps DBHDD shift from an institutional-based system of health care delivery to a community-based system of care. The most significant and positive effect of this new paradigm is that clients with developmental disabilities and behavioral health needs will have the opportunity to live a life of independence and recovery in the least restrictive setting possible.

Further, the shift from an institutional-based system to a community-based system of care satisfies requirements imposed by a 2010 settlement agreement with the U.S. Department of Justice. The settlement agreement requires the state to move all individuals with developmental disabilities out of state institutions and into communities, where they have the opportunity to live in their own homes with access to high quality health care.

Map of Regions

Activity Therapist Milledgeville, GA
Activity Therapy Supervisor Milledgeville, GA
Behavior Specialist Milledgeville, GA
Behavioral Health Counselor Milledgeville, GA
Charge Nurse Milledgeville, GA
Clinical Director Milledgeville, GA
Compliance Monitor - Nurse Milledgeville, GA
Day Nurse Administrator Milledgeville, GA
Director of Risk Management Milledgeville, GA
Forensic Services Tech 1 Milledgeville, GA
Forensic Services Tech 2 Milledgeville, GA
Forensic Services Technician (1) Milledgeville, GA
Health Care Assistant (Part-Time LPN) Milledgeville, GA
Hospital Administrator Milledgeville, GA
Houseparent Milledgeville, GA
Licensed Practical Nurse, Inpatient Milledgeville, GA
MH/DD Shift Supervisor Milledgeville, GA
MH/DD Team Leader Milledgeville, GA
Night/Evening Nurse Administrator Milledgeville, GA
Nurse (Inpatient), RN Milledgeville, GA
Nurse Manager - Forensic Services Milledgeville, GA
Nurse Manager Assistant (Charge Nurse) Milledgeville, GA
Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner - Milledgeville Milledgeville, GA
Psychologist (Forensic Services) Milledgeville, GA
Social Worker - (Forensic) Milledgeville, GA